May 28

The Side Effects Of Soda Drinks

Soda drinks have been criticized for a long time now for their potential side-effects on the body. If you are a regular reader of the health magazines, you must have read a lot about this burning issue. There are a number of reasons why soda is bad for you. Basically, it is nothing other than water sweetened with sugar. There is no nutritional value to it. It only causes obesity and other related problems. A recent Danish research has shown that drinking soda leads to dramatic increase in the fat build up around the body. There is accumulation of fat at sensitive areas such as your liver and the skeletal muscles. Fat accumulation here can lead to the obstruction of normal bodily functions and can give rise to problems such as insulin resistance and diabetes.

The cola companies use two artificial coloring agents 2-methylimidazole and 4-methylimidazole to add the caramel colour to the soft drinks. This agent has been found to cause cancer in animals. Studies show that a small amount of 16 milligrams per day is enough to be carcinogenic. The popular brown colas contain near about 200 micrograms per 20 ounce. All soft drinks contain phosphates and phosphoric acid. This is a weak acid responsible for giving a tangy taste to the drink and also for increasing the shelf life of the products. Large amounts of phosphoric acid can cause multiple problems such as heart and kidney damage, osteoporosis, muscle loss and accelerated aging.

Consuming soda regularly interferes with the body’s ability to process sugars. The soft drinks contain artificial sugars which affect the metabolic activities. These are different from the natural sugars which are beneficial for the body. The artificial sugars put the body at risk of imbalance in sugar levels which can cause diabetes.Children are more likely to suffer from the damages caused by soft drinks. High soda consumption leads to impaired calcification in the maturing bones.

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