Dec 05

Online Pharmacies: Safe Or Sorry?

The FDA offers the following tips and warnings for online pharmacy customers:

  • Purchasing a medication from an illegal website puts you at risk for receiving a contaminated or counterfeit product, an incorrect dose, or no product at all.
  • Taking an inappropriate medication puts you at risk for drug interactions and serious health consequences.
  • Check with the NABP to see if an online pharmacy is in good standing.
  • Don’t buy from online pharmacies which will sell to you without a proper prescription or which sells drugs which are not FDA approved.
  • Don’t use online pharmacies which do not offer access to a registered pharmacist to answer your questions.
  • Don’t purchase drugs from foreign websites.
  • Beware of websites offering quick cures or cure-alls, or that make outrageous claims.
  • Always consult your healthcare professional prior to taking a drug for the first time.

Source: About.com


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