Sep 14

The Need for Nutritional Supplements – On Natural Wellness and More

In a not so environmentally friendly world, most of the soil is usually over farmed and overgrazed. Manures and other such mineral-rich products are applied scarcely on the land thus depleting it’s nutrients furthermore. This has exhausted the soil quality. Have you ever wondered what happens to soil if it is not permitted to breathe by flooding it with chemical fertilizers and toxic pesticides? Would that have an effect on the quality of the food crops that was grown on the contaminated soil? Certain research reports prolong to demonstrate that the poor quality of today’s soil is producing food crops which are deficient of vitamins and minerals.

Moreover stocking up and cooking these raw food crops further tears down its vital vitamins, minerals and digestive enzymes. Wholesome, unprocessed and organic food crops which are produced locally are proven to be the best source of nourishment. But as known to most of you, a major portion of the crop produce spends a long time traveling to the grocery store before you finally make your purchase, afterward you may store it or refrigerate it till you ultimately consume it.

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